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Bad Debts Occur More in Homes Worth Over R2.5m   
2011/03/04 09:55:46 AM

March 4 - There is more demand for affordable housing than in the upper end of the South African property market.

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Cape Town Waterfront Sold to Growthpoint and PIC   
2011/02/25 09:42:51 AM

February 25 - The Waterfront is considered South Africa's most visited destination and is prime property.

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Defaulting on Home Loans   
2007/04/09 09:11:42 AM

Although interest rates are high and the cost of living at an alarming pace, industry experts say that by taking a few necessary steps, South African homeowners need not default on their home loan repayments.

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10 Home Selling Flaws to Avoid   
2007/08/07 09:32:59 AM

These days South African home buyers are much more discerning about prospective properties then they were a few years ago and expect everything to be nothing short of perfect...

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The Home Loan market is the largest single credit market in South Africa, but most of us feel that the bank does us a favour by giving out a home loan. Mortgage originators turn that thought on its head - they give the prospective homeowner the power, which is as it should be!

Here at Home Loan South Africa our mission is simple: To find you the lowest home loan rates in South Africa, save you a bundle of money, and inform you about all your home loan options. We achieve this by vetting South African mortgage originators, making sure that you have the best guides for your journey to buy a home.

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Home Loan South Africa also features the latest home loan news, with articles that explain home loan basics and the answers to any home loan questions you may have. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for, or you run into any problems along the way contact us and we will do our best to help you. That's what we're here for!

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